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Frequently asked questions

Where should I live?

This can depend on your individual requirements such as budget, commute, lifestyle and even the style of property you want to achieve. Certain areas will offer you certain types of property and at varying costs. The closer to the center you are, the more expensive the rent is.

What references are required to rent a property?

A standard reference check would be very similar to a credit check. We would need to confirm your identity, your address, and your affordability. The affordability check will require you to confirm you have full-time employment in the UK and that you can afford to pay the rent for the property you are trying to secure. This usually required confirmation of your employment and income from your employer along with verification of this information with your employer. If you are self-employed this can sometimes mean providing proof of income and bank statements to show the regularity and amount of the income being received. If you are unemployed or a student, as you will not have UK based income, this will mean paying rent upfront most often than not for a minimum of 6 months at a time.

How do I pay the bills for my house?

UnicoHost takes care of this for you- so sit back and relax, as you don't have to pay separately for the house bills. You only make one monthly payment, covering rent and bills.

How do I report an issue with my home?

Maintenance is what we do to ensure that your home stays in tip top condition. We try to do this proactively, but we understand that sometimes things just happen! If you do have an issue that you want to let us know about, the fastest way to get in touch, is to email us at When submitting an issue, make sure: Include any pictures or videos that are relevant - if you don't share images with us, we will need to ask for some to make sure we are fixing the right problem Give as much detail as possible - we will often need to send out plumbers and electricians to your house who have never been there before. The clearer we can report the issue to them the more they can understand the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible! Tell us where the problem is - it sounds a bit silly, but do make sure you let us know if it is an issue specific to you, or for all of your housemates. As soon as we have received your ticket, we will work to get this resolved as soon as possible.

How often is my housekeeping?

Depending on where you live the frequency of your housekeeping will vary.

4-6 bedroom home: Your housekeeping for the common areas will take place weekly. This includes your kitchen, living rooms, shared bathrooms.
2-3 bedroom home: Your housekeeping for the common areas will take place every 2 weeks. This includes your kitchen, living rooms, shared bathrooms.
Studios 1 bedroom home: Your housekeeping for the common areas will take place once a month. This includes your kitchen, living rooms, shared bathrooms.

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