Incentivise off-plan sales with no financial commitment

Include a fixed gross yield to ensure your buyers collect a fixed return.

Improve conversion rate

Work alongside UnicoHost to tailor a fixed return prior to exchange, providing an attractive letting proposition for your investor purchasers.

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Boost investor confidence

Pre-agreed rent assigned to each individual unit at point of sale.

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Secure return on investment

Confirmed rental income up to 18 months prior to completion.

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Handover on day one

A no-hassle confirmed income from day one of completion, with none of the conventional risks.

In addition, UnicoHost will also commit to taking on any unsold units at the time of completion, removing balance sheet risks.

Frequently asked questions

When is my rent going to be paid?

We will pay the rent to you, directly, by the second week of every month

How fast is the process?

We have a dedicated team for on boarding new homes, so get in touch with us right away and we can assess your property and sign a lease within 24 hours!

Who will be staying in my property?

Corporate clients and young professionals aged between 22-39 from national and international companies who are working in the area on short term contracts, generally for 2-5 months which is too short for a normal tenancy but not cost effective for hotel accommodation.

Are you estate agents?

No. Absolutely not. Unicohost has only one line of business: we rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to corporate and professional tenants. Our service maximises your property’s value through effective, ongoing management.

So you're property managers, then?

Yes, something like that.

We sign a fixed term commercial contract with you (usually 2-5 years) to take charge of your property, effectively becoming your tenant.
- During that time, we pay you a guaranteed rent, every month, regardless of the property’s’ occupancy. - We organise the maintenance of your property. - Finding and checking references of our corporate and professional tenants, keeping them happy in their homes, and collecting their rent, becomes UnicoHost’s responsibility.
This is why, from the landlord’s perspective, we believe we’re your perfect tenant.

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UnicoHost is building the future of the residential real estate, using proprietary technology and a unique operating model. … We connect great landlords with great tenants.


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