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How to Deal With a Bad Review on Airbnb

Even if you’re an excellent host, there is still a risk that someday you can get a bad review. Chances are it will happen not because you did something wrong, but because sometimes you get guests who are looking for flaws and have a negative mindset. For such people even if you did 100 things right and one thing wrong, you are a bad host.

Another possibility is that for one or the other reason you did something wrong and made your guests’ experience unpleasant. In any case, a bad review is there, and you need to deal with it. First things first, if you see a 1/5 rating, don’t panic. Handle it as cool and as calmly as possible. Here are seven essential tips to help you get through this situation with dignity:

1. Acknowledge your faults. In case it’s really your fault, you need to acknowledge your mistake and use this situation to improve the experience of your future guests. The main thing is not to take it personally and keep improving your customer service.

2. Apologize. The customer is always right, and it means that in most situations, you need to apologize even if it doesn’t feel like doing it. Of course, there are situations where it’s not appropriate because the behavior of your guests was awful, indeed, but in most cases, it is still necessary to apologize. You can do it in private and try to make them understand that you’re sorry for their bad experience. Remember that giving an apology doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t defend yourself as a host.

3. Write a thoughtful response. Writing a thoughtful response implies that on the one hand, you need to acknowledge your faults and on the other hand point if the guests were unfair in their judgments. Your response should show that it’s a completely isolated incident and things like this will never happen again. Also, you shouldn’t forget that comments on your page are permanent. It means that when you’re writing a response, you shouldn’t let the disagreement get out of hand. Whatever happened, never leave a hostile response because it will turn off potential clients.

4. Review your guest. If you had a really nasty guest, you shouldn’t hesitate to leave a review about them too to warn other hosts. You can review your guests after the checkout. Just remember about being considerate, even if the content of your review is unpleasant.

5. Avoid it! Of course, the best way to deal with a bad review is to avoid it. And the best way to prevent bad review is to be proactive, communicative and be always ready to help your guests to solve arising issues.

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