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Things to Do if Guests Damage Your Airbnb Property

If you’re a considerate host who puts heart and soul into your properties and spends days decorating your rentals, then you know how painful it may be to discover that your property was damaged by your guest. In case you haven’t experienced such situation and want to be ready, or in case if a happening like this caught you by surprise and left embarrassed in the past, I thought it would be very useful to share with you what to do if your guests damaged your Airbnb rental.

First of all, you must have the right mindset in regards to the possible damage. Everything changes, gets old and stops working. Starting from electrical appliances and ending with our bodies. So it is essential to accept that sooner or later, your property will get damaged due to one or the other reason. Understand that a broken plate, greasy fingertips on glass sliding doors, several dirty marks on the carpet are not worthy of your anger. These things are to be expected and accepted without any disappointment. Another thing is the ‘wear and tear’ factor, which definitely needs to be considered.

Examples of ‘wear and tear’ include:

• Old electrical appliances or furniture breaking

• Ageing curtains or rugs

• Scuff marks from moving luggage

• Limescale around shower walls

• Marks on the towels which cannot be cleaned

On the other hand, if a guest attempts to park his car and destroys your newly landscaped garden or accidentally knocks the full bottle of red nail polish on your sofa, or what’s even worse, steals something, it may be really upsetting. There are different scenarios in which guests can behave. A nice scenario is when the guest calls you, informs about the problem and offers a refund right away. Another one is when the guest isn’t calling you or doesn’t want to pay enough to cover the damage. What to do then?

How to make guests cover the damage they did to your property

Here are two necessary steps which you need to follow:

1. First and foremost always communicate via the Airbnb platform because it will help Airbnb to see what’s going on between you and your guest. Get in touch with your guest, ask what happened and politely ask for a refund.

2. If your ‘nasty guest’ isn’t responding or doesn’t want to pay, you need to fill an official complain at Airbnb resolution center.

5 ways to protect yourself from damage

1) Choose the right guests. As a host, you can see the ratings of your guests and refuse to provide your property for those who have poor ratings. After all, it’s your property, and you choose who will stay there and who won’t. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your listing.

2) Have a list of items. To protect yourself from damage, you need to have a list of all the items from the property, starting with knives and ending with towels and bathroom accessories. Also, make sure to mark their condition and make photos of your inventory. Update those photos once in a while so you can keep track of ‘wear and tear’.

3) Airbnb security deposit. It is not obligatory, but some hosts choose to ask for a security deposit in case guests damage something. You can define the volume of deposit yourself.

4) Host guarantee. If the damage caused by your guests is higher than the security deposit than you’re covered by Airbnb host guarantee for up to $1,000,000. Take into consideration that host guarantee doesn’t include jewelry, rare artwork, cash and securities, collectibles or personal liability.

5) Additional Airbnb insurance. To ensure total peace of mind, you can also take additional Airbnb insurance which will cover any damage done to your property.

Finally, you can use UnicoHost Airbnb management service which will help you to manage mishaps, expectations of guests and situations that no one wishes to be in. Our experience and expertise will make your Airbnb experience hassle-free.

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