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Top 10 Essentials for Any Airbnb Property

There are things that differentiate a super-host from a simple host. These things show that the property owner is ready to walk that extra mile (or even ten miles) to provide their guests with outstanding experience, which they will never forget.

And there are also essential things which every Airbnb property should have. Without these, it is impossible to be even a simple host, because they are the basics of guest’s comfort. In this article, I offer you to take a look at 10 essentials that any Airbnb property should have.

1. Dishes, pans, pots and cutlery. You need to have enough sets to accommodate the maximum number of guests plus 2 additional sets for 2 extra people. You need to make sure that the necessary kitchen-ware is there, it’s in good condition and it is properly cleaned.

2. Quality linen and towels. The softer and thicker, the better! Mark my words, you may have an ordinary apartment, but if you have quality linen and towels, your guests will be impressed because they will physically experience these things. It’s highly recommended to have a spare set of towels and linen in a cupboard (just in case).

3. A microwave. Guests who rent Airbnb properties are usually out for the whole day because they want to see everything. It means that as a rule, they won’t cook culinary masterpieces at home. Therefore, a microwave is an essential item for a short-let rental.

4. Coffee maker and kettle. For most of the guests, coffee maker and kettle are far more critical than the microwave oven because of the role that coffee plays in our lives. If you can’t offer your guest a coffee machine (which is understandable, since they are pricey), then you need to have at least a French Press coffee maker or an Italian coffee maker. The latter are inexpensive and can satisfy and average coffee drinker.

5. A toaster. People may not love to cook, or they may not have the time for it, but most definitely they like to have several crunchy toasts in the morning. Make sure not to buy the cheapest toaster, because it will most likely break down in a week or two.

6. Wi-Fi. You may have a coffee maker and toaster, but if you don’t have Wi-Fi, then you are doomed! Really, these days, guests can’t leave you a good review if you can’t provide them with the decent Internet. It’s recommended to setup a permanent connection unlimited broadband. If you have a sublet property, then a mobile Wi-Fi device will do. If for some reason you’re not able to provide the Internet, you must inform your guests about it before they make a booking.

7. Hotel soaps and shampoos. These little things give an extra personal touch and make a good impression on your guests. Just like with the toaster, don’t buy the cheapest ones, because their smell and quality can easily spoil everything.

8. Essential cleaning accessories and products. They include cleaning cloths, brush, dustpan, mop & strainer, hoover with spare hoover bags and everything that's necessary for cleaning the property. If you have those at your property, the chances are that guests will use them. And if they will, you will have a cleaner property.

9. Ironing board and iron. These things are essential for guests who are in town for work or want to visit an opera house.

10. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Detectors should be installed in the kitchen and the hallway. You don’t want to risk, so it’s better to make this step to ensure both your and your guests' safety.

All of these things are necessary if you don’t want to have reviews like ‘this property didn’t even have wifi/coffee maker/iron etc.’ In the next article, I will take a look at what makes a difference between a super-host and an ordinary host.

If you want to make sure that your guests are properly taken care of, you can contact us today and see how our short-let management platform can take your Airbnb experience to the next level.


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