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Making Use of Airbnb Co-Hosts

If you’re a super-busy Airbnb host, who has so many properties that check-ins and guest communication become burdensome than it’s about time to think about adding a co-host to your listing.

The Role of Co-host

A co-host is somebody who helps you to take care of your Airbnb property and guests for a proportion of your income. They take some load off you and assist in ensuring your Airbnb runs with maximum efficiency.

It’s up to you and your co-host to decide how you will divide responsibilities and profits. In addition to this, you need to agree on how your co-host will be reimbursed for expenses. You can add up to 3 co-hosts per property.

Adding a Co-host

In order to add a co-host, you need to:

• Go to your Airbnb account and select ‘Manage Listings’

• Select the listing you wish to edit and go to ‘Calendar’

• Open the menu on the left side of the page and select ‘Co-hosts’

3 Ways Co-hosting Will Help You

Handling the listing: If you not very tech savvy and don’t like sitting before the screen all the time managing your listing, you can get your co-host do handle this aspect of business. They can communicate with guests and make them ready for the arrival.

Checking the property: Co-hosts can also make sure that the property is clean and 100% ready for the arrival of new guests. They can also help you to create a house manual.

Greeting guests: Another aspect of Airbnb business which a co-host can manage is greeting guests. It could be especially useful in case the host has a full-time job and can’t meet guests during the working hours. This aspect can also include handling issues with your Airbnb listing during guests’ stay.

3 Types of People Who Can Become Your Co-Host

A close friend or loved one: In a perfect world, you have a dedicated friend or family member who will assist you with your Airbnb listing. The advantages of having a co-host who is close to you are obvious. The main disadvantage is that they may lack experience in this area and it will take you some time to train them.

Someone from Airbnb’s host marketplace: If the previous option isn’t for you, then you can contact someone from Airbnb’s host marketplace. The evident pluses of this are that they are experienced and they can help you by using their own account.

A professional management company: Unicohost has years of experience in successful management of Airbnb listings which means that you by utilizing our services you can rest assured your properties will be taken care of in a professional manner.

In case you don’t have family or friends who can assist you and searching for someone on Airbnb marketplace sounds difficult, you can contact Unicohost and rely on the experience of professionals. We will arrange everything from cleaning to chocolate mint bars in the kitchen. We can meet all your Airbnb needs so don’t hesitate to contact us!


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