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Writing a Considerate Airbnb Guest Review

Knowledgeable hosts know that after the guest moves out, they still have a job to do. While maid will be cleaning the property, they will need to write a guest review. Whether positive or negative, it must be done! Writing a positive review for a lovely guest is pleasant. Complications come when you need to write a negative review. But let's start with basics first.

Features of a Guest Review

The guest review should be focused on the guest, how they treated the space they rented, how their communication was, and if they left a clean property behind. It's interesting that you can't see the guest's review of your property until both reviews are posted or 14 days given to write a review passed.

The review can be up to 500 characters, but it's not necessary to use all of them. When writing a guest review, be concise and clear. Focus on the characteristics of your guest, which may help other hosts to decide whether to provide their airbnb to those people or not.

Why Writing a Guest Review?

Reviews stay forever both with hosts and guest and give everyone an understanding of what to expect from a respective person. If there were no reviews, it would be complicated to navigate through the Airbnb and make decisions. Therefore, they are a significant part of the Airbnb platform.

How to Write a Negative Review

While it's easy to write a positive review, hosts often struggle with writing negative reviews. Both of them are important. If you need to write a negative review, don't take your experience personally and try to present facts without exaggerations and emotions. Think of it as of constructive criticism and giving recommendations on how to be a better guest in future.

Begin a negative review with what you liked about the guests (if it's applicable), then reveal the negative sides and then write what both parties could do to avoid such situation in future.

How to Choose Words

In case the previous paragraph doesn't give you an understanding of how to write a negative review, I will provide you with some examples.

• Type of Guest: The Messy Guy/Gal

Not appropriate: "Tom was a complete slob and left a lot of dirt and trash on the floor in the kitchen ."

Appropriate: "Stain and garbage were found on the kitchen's floor."

• Type of Guest: The Party Animal

Not appropriate: "Guests were boisterous and wouldn't turn down their music even after neighbours asked them."

Appropriate: "The guests played music very loudly after midnight and refused to follow the request of neighbours to lower the sound."

• Type of Guest: Rulebreaker

Not appropriate: "Jessica accepted the rules, but when she came, she broke all of them!"

Appropriate: "Jessica refused to adhere to the previously agreed upon house rules."

And how do you handle your guest reviews? Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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